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Bus Routes

We provide transportation to District students in any grade level who live more than one mile from their school of attendance. The shortest, safest, and most convenient walking path shall measure distance from school. Students with a disability related need specified in their IEP may be transported regardless of their distance from school.

We have established residential stops within attendance areas. We also stop at daycare/ learning centers within the attendance boundaries of the elementary schools. Daycare/ learning centers are considered residential stops. We do not stop at businesses, only residential.

All roads, to include dirt or gravel roads, must be maintained by Douglas County or General Improvement Districts, to qualify for bus service. We may end service on any road if conditions of the road could cause safety concerns for the students and drivers or cause damage to District buses. In the event hazardous conditions exist, alternate stops may be used on days that buses are unable to make regular stops. The Transportation Department will attempt to inform parents by telephone, television, radio announcements, or District website regarding the time and location of alternate stops if they are to be used.

To find the Bus Route / Stop your student will ride:

1. Click on the link to the Bus route in the area you live in. IE: Fish Springs

2. Type your address in the search box in the upper left corner of the map to locate the closest bus stop. 

Note: You may need to zoom out on the map to find the nearest bus stop.

3. In the morning, buses will drop off ASPIRE students at DHS and then shuttle them to ASPIRE. In the afternoon, the students will be shuttled from ASPIRE to DHS, and from there, they will board their corresponding bus that will take them home. This arrangement ensures that ASPIRE students have transportation to and from ASPIRE. If you have any further questions or need assistance with something else, feel free to ask!

**If you have any questions about Bus Stop Location / Times, please email:**

1st Wave:

Route # 31: Fish Springs / Gardnerville - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 05: Ranchos - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 08: Fish Springs / Ranchos - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 11: Ruhenstroth / Ray May- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 25: Buckeye / East valley  - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 16: Foothill / Bollen Cir / Hwy 88 - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 09: Gardnerville - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 10: Ranchos - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 06: Ranchos - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 35: Chichester - AM Route PM Route

Route # 14: Minden (Town) -DHS-- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 1: TRE - ASPIRE- AM Route / PM Route

2nd Wave:

Route # 22: Genoa / Jacks Valley Road -AM Route / PM Route

Route # 17: Johnson Lane / East Valley - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 33: Silverado / Jacks Valley Road - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 40: N Sunridge / Ridgeview / Haystack Dr- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 32: Stephanie / Johnson / Vicky - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 41: Vicky Ln / Jackie Cir / Stephanie Way- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 21: Johnson Lane / Stephanie Way -AM Route / PM Route

Route # 20: S. Sunridge / Long / Mica- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 18: Stephanie / Downs - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 23: Plymouth / Coloma Dr - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 39: Amador Circle / Vista Grande- AM Route / PM Route

Route # 24: Opalite / Vista Grande / Tourmaline - AM Route / PM Route

Route # 13: Ranchos -AM Route / PM Route