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ASPIRE 2023-2024 Improvement Plan


is not only an acronym, it is a way of life.  Here, we stick together. We are a family.  Our staff is amazing and they truly care. We love them!  They push us and expect a lot from us, and we meet those expectations.  Students care about each other too.  Here, there is acceptance.  No one judges or excludes you.  We are ASPIRE!

ASPIRE was initially established as a program that served our local secondary schools.  Today, the ASPIRE program is ASPIRE Academy High School - We are our own, independent, alternative high school; offering another public high school option to students who live in Douglas County.

Are you a 9-12th grade student that would benefit from an in-person school in a small school setting for the fall of 2022? 

Our success and growth stemmed from our philosophy.  ASPIRE is an acronym for All Students Pursuing Integrity, Responsibility and Education.  Our school focus highlights character education, service to the community and graduation.  ​

Students at ASPIRE thrive on our blended instruction approach. Most core classes are taught using the Edgenuity Online curriculum, at which students can work at their own pace.  However, we have highly qualified teachers to guide and teach thorough mini-lessons and provide one-on-one instruction when needed.  

Mission Statement

We believe that all people at our school deserve a fresh start and should be accepted without judgement.

We believe in treating each other with kindness and respect.

We believe in holding ourselves, and each other, accountable.

We believe in pursuing academic excellence by being diligent students.

We believe we are capable of meeting high expectations.

​We believe in serving others.

We believe in asking for help, academically and personally.

We believe in using the second change that ASPIRE offers to overcome past poor choices. ​

We believe that ASPIRE is family!!!